11:03 pm - Friday August 28, 2015

Podcast 274: One Moment Meditation with Martin Boroson

What a great interview with a wonderful author!!  Martin Boroson is the author of a new book entitled ” One Moment Meditation“.  If you ever thought that you did not have the time for meditation? Then you are about to be awakened to a technique that will allow you to meditate anywhere anytime…for the most part.

Are you one of those people who say that you can’t meditate because every time you sit down to mediate you are more aware of your unwanted thoughts than you would have been if you had not taken the time to meditate.  Aha, then you are not alone.  Martin Boroson new book “One Moment Meditation” has been written to guide and direct anyone who wants to learn how to meditate, but not take the long periods of time that are always associated with the process.

“Many people believe that meditation requires a lot of time”, say Boroson, ” or that it has to be done somewhere that is already stress-free–such as a beautiful retreat, high up in the mountains.  But when you realize that meditation really only takes a moment, you can meditate at work, at home when your’re stuck in traffic, facing a crisis, or just waiting in life.  Meditation becomes part of  life, not separate from life.”

So if you are leading a stressful life and feel that you do not have the precious time to do a meditation, then think twice.  Martin’s new book “One Moment Meditation” provides you all the techniques to master meditation in the moment.  This book will help you notice the moment, understand the moment, appreciate the moment and tap the enormous potential of the moment.  And it won’t take a lot of time.

Enjoy this interview with an author who will teach you great techniques to master the moment, through awareness, stillness and breathing.  Martin is a true master.

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